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Hifire brick
Hifire brick
In case you're interested, "DFC" was the Denver Fire Clay Company, founded in 1873, no longer in business. As I understand it, the HIFIRE signifies a brick with hi Fire Resistance -- some sources hint this is the result of increased lime in the clay used for these bricks, mined out of Golden, CO... but don't quote me on that part.
-Submitted by Ken on 6/08/07
I found some when I went 4 wheeling resently, the Golden CO makes sence because I found one brick that is DFC HIFIRE and then another one that says GOLDE the N is covered in caked on dirt.
-Submitted by Holly on 5/26/10
I found a simular brick in lafayette but it said, "the denver hifire fire clay company"
-Submitted by James on 8/30/15
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